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Auto Responders – Why I use Imnica Mail

December 26, 2009

If you want to make money online it is absolutely crucial that you have a mailing list.  They say that every person on your mailing list is worth $1 per month to you so if you have 10,000 people on your list you ought to be making some money! If you do not have an […]

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List Laundering by Alan Magliocca & Michael Edwards

December 3, 2009

List Laundering is a definite buy! Do so here: However read this first: If you are having problems with list building then I would recommend buying this whilst it is still $4.95. It has some, to me at least, innovative ideas on generating traffic and list building. I am surprised it is only $4.95 […]

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Trifilliate Payday

December 1, 2009

So this is a new experiment for me as I go forward into promoting a product online. I came across Jani Ghaffor or Jani G as he prefers to be called on the Warrior Forum, as mentioned in an earlier post this is probably the best online resource for finding out about Internet Marketing. He […]

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Awesome Clickbank Plugin Affiliate opportunity

November 16, 2009

For a long time I have been looking for something that will make my use of clickbank easier. It’s not actually my favorite tool for affiliate sales because it is so easy to get your commission robbed. However finally I think I have found a decent solution. The great guys at the Promedia Team have […]

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The Ebook Con

November 4, 2009

Image via Wikipedia I find this flabbergasting… Look on the internet for any make money online product or indeed for products solving numerous others problems and you will see that the minimum price for an ebook seems to be $47, although something that is fairly new seems to be sold for in the region of […]

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