Niche Blueprint Review

by Justin on April 1, 2010

Niche Blueprint has just been relaunched as Version 2.0. It is a very comprehensive product that talks about building ecommerce stores in specific niches. My early background was in Mail Order and then Ecommerce. I used to work for a company called the White Company back in England and my brother founded a company called Charles Tyrwhitt which is now probably one of the largest sellers of mail order shirts in the world.

Its not an easy business to get into but this course makes it a lot easier to get to grips with. I am currently doing some consultancy work for a mail order furniture business and I got the guy who owns the company to buy a copy of this and he has picked up a number of tips from this course which is already having a positive impact on the companies bottom line.

After doing an indepth Niche Blueprint Review I would highly recommend it if you want a comprehensive guide to making money online with physical products.

If you would like to buy it and you do so through my link I will throw in some Niche Blueprint bonuses that I think will have a positive impact on your first Niche Blueprint website.

These bonuses are available to only the first 20 people buying through my link:

  • Open Ended Coaching on any aspect of the course you feel uncomfortable with for as long as it takes to get your first store up and running
  • A press release written and submitted about your niche blueprint store.
  • A sales video for you that I will submit to all of the major video sharing websites for additional backlinks to your site.
  • 10 0riginal articles on the niche of your choice.

To get your bonuses buy through this link:

Get Niche Bluerprint/

Make sure janclick19 is showing as your affiliate as per this image and then send me a message through this contact form


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I hope you have found this Niche Blueprint review useful. As always if you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact us.

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