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by Justin on November 11, 2009

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So this is an interesting one. In the good old days of the internet a site would get ranked where it belonged pretty much on the basis of having great content, mainly because there wasnt all that much competition. Scroll forward many years and billions of web pages later. Getting your site ranked well now depends pretty much on having inbound links to your site. This is where SE Nuke and other software solutions can can really help, especially if used responsibly. If you go crazy the chances are the search engines will realise that you are building “fake” inbound links and you will get buried down the rankings for some time.

I thought long and hard as to whether or not this is an essential tool. It isn’t because what it does you can do manually. However the time you save using something like SE Nuke make it worthwhile, I therefore highly recommend buying it. This will make a lot of your Search Engine Optimisation work one hell of a lot easier. You can get a one week free trial by clicking on this affiliate link. . If you decide you love it and want to carry on using it after the free trial send me a message with your information and I will give you as a Bonus Free membership to my Webinars Training website, which soft launches on August 1st for as long as your SE Nuke membership lasts.

Unfortunately SE Nuke has one of those annoying free trials where if you sign up for it and you forget to cancel it you will have to pay for the full month. Fortunately the power of the software means that for anyone who is seriously determined to make inroads into the world of niche marketing this is pretty much must have if you are slightly short of time. Sure you can do what this does yourself, but there is no way that you will ever get back the time that it saves.

It takes a bit of getting used to. There are a number of different modules, however you have to get the premium version to use all of them.

Niche Research
Web 2.0 Account Creation
Social Network/Article Directory
Video Nuke
Social Bookmarking
RSS Feed
Web 2.0 Profile.

Niche Research is quite a powerful method of researching Niches and Keywords and it it quite neat because it gives you an idea as to how hard it will be to rank for a given term.

Web 2.0 Account Creation creates accounts for you at a number of different websites that you can use to create backlinks to your sites from.

Social Network/Article Directory will post articles for you to a variety of different blogs and websites.

Video Nuke is meant to submit your video to all the video sites. When I tried it the first time it didnt work very well although it has now been changed so you submit your video once and then the SE Nuke servers automatically send it out to all the video sharing sites it is registered with.

Social Bookmarking will bookmark your sites on most of the best bookmarking websites.

RSS Feed will submit your feed to a number of the feed aggregators out there.

Web 2.0 Profile will create a profile for you on a number of different sites. You have to pay for an autocapcha service. This wasnt hugely succesful for me as it only created accounts on about 10 of the 300 plus websites. Not ideal.

So SE Nuke isn’t yet perfect and for the price I think its a little on the high side given that it doesnt work completely as advertised.   There is also a new kid on the block that I think has the potential to blow SE Nuke out of the water called Serp Assist.  It is still new but is growing from strength to strength and I think is the future of Automated SEO, however I suppose SE Nuke is the Microsoft of Automated Backlinking Software and SerpaAssist is just getting started so it is still early days.

If budget allows and you have people working with you I would recommend both.  If budget is tight then I would suggest using SerpAssist initially as it has huge potential and a much shorter learning curve.  However if you are doing well online then it is probably worth getting both as SE Nuke has models like its Video Sharing that SerpAssist doesnt have and it also has far more sites to work with.

Both software solutions have saved me a lot of time doing things that I would normally have occupied me most of the day and for this alone considering I am running it everyday means that the premium version at $127 is well worth the money.

You can buy SE Nuke here and to get your bonuses just Contact me.  I would also suggest buying Mark Dulisses SE Nuke Training videos.  You can buy those here and if you buy them through my link and keep SE Nuke for a minimum of two months I will refund the cost to you.  If you don’t keep it for two months you can just get a refund for the training!  These videos are also essential if you are planning on using Outsourcers for your SE Nuke work.

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Rick Simpson November 12, 2009 at 6:57 pm

Been trying unsuccessfully to get into SE Nuke and even your affiliate link will not go through to site! Dying to try them out and learn more, but maybe they have closed to new members? Please let me know!

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