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by Justin on November 16, 2009


For a long time I have been looking for something that will make my use of clickbank easier. It’s not actually my favorite tool for affiliate sales because it is so easy to get your commission robbed.

However finally I think I have found a decent solution. The great guys at the Promedia Team have come up with a new plugin. It allows you to plug in the keywords for your site, and then automatically generate contextually relevant affiliate links automatically… This is ideal as text links are much more likely to be clicked on than banner adverts, and in the links your affiliate code is partially cloaked, although to really cloak your links properly another plug in which I am trialling is also to be recommended.

If you are using Clickbank as one of your advertising tools then you should really use this plugin and more importantly you should be encouraging your lists to use it too.

To sign up to become an affiliate please click here:

If you want to buy the plugin you can do so after the 25th November from this link. If you like sign up to my newsletter and their will be a reminder.

Please note that the links on this page are affiliate links. I would obviously prefer it if you used my affiliate link but if you would rather not then just strip out the bit after the e. Of what little money I currently make from twitter sales 10% is lent through the awesome Kiva micro loan scheme, 10% goes to Peruvian charities and the balance goes to fund my oh so extravagant (in my dreams) lifestyle!

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