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by Justin on July 6, 2010

One of the things that fascinates me about Internet Marketing is the wide array of Product Launches that take place on a regular basis.  A case in point is Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula which everone and their dog seems to have been promoting.  Now I have no doubt that it was an excellent course but is it really worth $2,000. I suppose it probably is if you are at the stage of your internet marketing career where $2,000 is a small amount of money.  For me I think I would rather spend that money on traffic and product development.

None the less there is obviously good money to be made by promoting these launches, and as Product Launch Formula tells us there is very much a system for doing a launch well….. The problem is for me at least is that the majority of them just look like spam, and frankly many are I believe regurgitated rubbish.

None the less I have attempted to make money with Product Launches and have put together about five individual websites for different products. One did very well, and the rest were not hugely exciting.

I don’t really want to mention names of products but the one that did best is something I use every day and was able to review it wih an objective viewpoint as a regular user.

The rest were frankly disappointing. The mistakes I invariably made were not to research the product properly before putting together a website, or to promote a product with a product review site which was not well promoted and so did not get a large number of searches so even though my site ranked highly for the keywords it didnt actually make any money as no one was promoting it!

My belief is that to be succesful at promoting product launches you either need to have a large list that believes in you, or you need to be promoting a product that is being heavily promoted by others.

Below are my key rules for doing well with a Product Launch:

  1. Make Sure it is a Product You Believe in
  2. Ideally Buy a Domain related to the Product at least 3 months before
  3. If you don’t have a list make sure that the Product is being promoted by lots of people.
  4. Don’t promote it positively if you don’t believe in it as this will damage your credibility
  5. Get people signed up to your mailing list.

Interestingly one of the courses I did promote that did really badly was also the course that I used to learn how to rank well for a product launch review site.

This was Gunshot Money by Mark Dulisse who is an internet marketer I rate pretty highly. I am not sure why it did so badly as I thought it was a good course. I think part of the problem was that it wasnt brilliantly well promoted and there was at least one review site on the first page that gave it a pretty negative review.  I think he is still selling it and I am pretty sure it costs $77.  Its being sold on clickbank so you get a 60 day money back guarantee.  If this is an avenue you want to go down then you might consider buying it.  I made well over $1,000 using the techniques he taught.  None the less I am no longer actively promoting product launches.

Anyway I would be interested to hear whether you have had success in product launch promotion.

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