Niche IM Formula by Mark Dulisse Reviewed

by Justin on November 17, 2009

Update of Mark Dulisse’s Niche IM Formula.

I have been following Mark for just under 5 months now. His IM Niche Formula is the product I would most recommend to people starting in Internet Marketing. Numerous modules covering much of what you need to know to start making money online.

Sadly it is now sold out. I will let you know as and when he reopens it. In the meantime Mark is in the process of launching a new product Gunshot Money. I am putting together a package of bonuses for Gunshot Money which you can find by clicking on the link.

IM Niche Formula is an indepth course and is the best I have bought on the net. Mark Dulisse rapidly mad a name for himself as a super affiliate. It costs $297 and is one of those courses that on first glance definitely over delivers. There is a five day free trial so you can evaluate module 1 before deciding if you definitely want to pay for it.

It comes in modular format so you are unlikely to suffer from information overload however it is important to make sure you follow it and don’t get sidetracked by other internet promises. Unfortunately Mark’s mailing list prompted me to consider buying something else almost immediately after buying another of his products. Easy to do, to allow yourself to get sidetracked by other exciting sounding programmes, but I would suggest working through one at a time and then deciding what gaps you still have before investing the next chunk of change in your education.

I highly recommend this product and I hope that you will enjoy it.

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