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by Justin on December 27, 2009

7 Dollar Giveaway

One of the easiest ways to build your mailing list is by taking part in Giveaway events.

Basically a group of marketers gets together and gives away one of their products in exchange for your email address which they then hope that they can use to sell you interesting products in the future.

I have taken part in a few now and it has been a fairly effective way of building my mailing list so far.  It is worth noting that this method used to be a lot more effective than it currently is now, and that one of the drawbacks with this method is that those signing up for your list are not often buyers. None the less it is useful and it will allow you to use list swaps to increase your list size once your list gets to a size of at least 250.

I thought below that I would show you upcoming giveaways and I would suggest that if you are serious about affiliate marketing that you took part in these giveaways yourself.

mrr logoIf you do not have a product of your own to give away then you need to acquire resell rights to other products that have giveaway rights attached.  An upcoming post will detail some of the best of these Resell Right options although my favorite of the moment is Master Resell Rights.  To sign up to them you need to Click Here.

Now on with the giveaways:

EZ-IM: Goes live February 5th. Run by Charles and Philip Mutrie and Roger Hyatt. This is the first time this has been run. Ideally you should only sign up to be a contributor if you have a reasonably sized list so I hope that is you!

7 Dollar Give Away. This one goes live on February 8th.  This one is low-value, all upgrades $7 any special offers also $7.

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